Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a form of Internet Marketing involving the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages. While SEO focuses on reaching your audience organically, SEM is a paid form of reaching out to your potential clients.
SEM is hence a broader term which uses optimization as well as paid advertisement to attract customers. However the trick is in investing strategically and efficiently for increased yet relevant traffic which could successfully converts into sales.

Search Engine MarketingThe Only Official Google Partners in Goa

As official Google & Bing partners, we receive direct assistance from top search engines while creating your marketing plans. We also create special landing pages to fall back on for improved results.

Search Optimization

SEO and SEM are 2 sides of the same coin and your brand must incorporate both to succeed in Internet Marketing. While SEO works by organically attempting to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Pages, SEM works by paying for an increased ranking. This helps in successfully reaching out to your target audience.

Display Advertising

This involves displaying your brand adverts on the Google Display Network which includes million sites such as YouTube, Gmail, etc. Compare this to a billboard installed in the web world whose purpose is brand awareness rather than targeted marketing. We help strategize the need for such advertising as per your brand's objectives.

Remarketing or Retargeting

This is a sophisticated online technique we use to reach out to customers who have already visited your website or app. The audience then repeatedly see your ads as they browse sites that are a part of the Google Display Network. This constant reminder successfully works in converting leads to sales.

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