Development Services

With over a decade in this industry, we have expanded our development services to cater to various fields and industries. We offer Web, Software and App Development while our Software Solutions include Ecommerce, Retailer, Media Publishing and Marketing Automation Solutions. Our need for Bespoke solutions as well as our commitment to regular maintenance and updation ensures that our development services are always in tune with recent trends and needs.

Bespoke Solutions Customized for your Business

We have developed our very own softwares as Ecommerce, Retailer and Media Publishing Solutions. These softwares can be easily customized to suit your business while also ensuring flexibility and durability.

Web development company in Goa
Web Development

Your Website represents the face of your business in the Digital world. Every lapse, every error and every experience reflects directly upon your brand. Our experienced team of developers are well versed in a wide range of technologies, jargons, softwares and platforms and assure you a functional Website that will bring in sales and prove to be an asset to your company.

Software Development Goa
Software Development

We believe that every business has the capacity to adapt special Software Systems for increased productivity. Our team is adept in developing Customized Software Systems especially crafted for better functionality and suitable for every business type. We take into account each process and every conveniences before coming up with a durable solution suitable for long term use.

Mobile App Development Goa
App Development

If and when the need be, we have successfully built multiple mobile applications compatible on both Android and IOS platforms. We agree that both Native and Hybrid Apps have their pros and cons and accordingly build one for our clients as per the requirement of their business. Furthermore, we build functional apps with smooth UI and UX to help serve the purpose.

Ecommerce Software Development Goa
Ecommerce Solutions

It's no secret that every product selling business can be found with an ecommerce store today. After over a decade of working with clients we have developed our own Ecommerce Solution - InfiniTI - which has been especially noted for its excellent UI and UX. Everything from categorization to purchases to promos to payments in multiple forms and designs can be conducted using InfiniTI.

Retail Software Developers Goa
Retailer Solutions

We have also dealt with the back side of Ecommerce with our very own Retailer ERP and Solution ForTIus which comes in two forms. ForTIus Lite is ideal for single unit retailers while ForTIus Max has found success with multi-unit businesses. We are particular about detailed customization as per the needs of your company while ensuring continual support and maintenance from our side.

Media Newspaper Web Developers Goa
Media Publishing Solutions

Team Inertia remains the largest technology provider for Medias in Goa. TIdings - our Media Publishing Solution - has been especially crafted for the automatic upload, schedule and categorization of newsletters which can be in text, image and video formats. SMS' can be subscribed and social sharing across all platforms is encouraged. TIdings has been especially designed to be robust and quick during important news events including Budget Sessions, Elections and Calamities where traffic flow increases.

Marketing Automation Goa
Marketing Automation

As authorized sellers of Leadsquared in Goa, we have successfully utilized this Marketing Automation software as a customer acquisition platform for our clients. This software uses drip marketing to streamline both traditional and digital customer leads onto one platform where you can track, record, categorize, follow up and gain contact information of both leads and inquiries. This solution is ideal for any business and can be used across multiple channels and devices. Pair this with our Digital Marketing Service for an increase in efficient sales.

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