Marketing Automation

The concept of Marketing Automation is as simple as its name suggests - it helps marketing professionals to automate all marketing tasks and functions. The principle of Drip Marketing is applied to streamline traditional and digital leads from multiple sources while also highlighting which adverts works best for online promotions. It can track, record, categorize, follow up and gain contact information of both leads and inquiries. Marketing Automation thus increases your possibility of sales by converting your inquiries into leads and finally, into customers.

Land more Leads, Close more Deals

We use a cloud solution Marketing Automation tool named Leadsquared which can be used across multiple channels and devices. This tool can be successfully implemented for all fields from Real Estate to Education to Hospitality.

Lead Automation

We’re proud to announce that we are an official amoCRM partner for India. amoCRM is a powerful Messenger Based Sales CRM that help set up effective digital sales pipelines to turn leads into customers. We can help you to set up your amoCRM account and determine the most effective way to use and develop automation systems to get better qualified leads, that turn into customers.

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