Media Publishing Solutions

Our recent times has seen a drastic paradigm shift from print media to multi-platform digital media which offers multiple benefits including wider coverage, faster information and increased sustainability. There is a need for automated Media Solutions which are flexible, steady and cost effective while ensuring quick access and cross sharing across various platforms and devices. Moreover it needs to be capable of managing unexpected increased traffic during urgant times.

Largest Technology Provider for Media in Goa

Team Inertia Technologies is the largest technology provider for Media Houses in Goa with a fully functional and efficient Media Publishing Solution named TIdings.

Media Solutions in Goa
Product Features for TIdings

TIdings allows media publishing companies to seamlessly publish their newspaper online. Moreover it has been especially crafted for the automatic upload, schedule and categorization of newsletters which can be in text, image and video formats. SMS' can be subscribed and social sharing across all platforms is encouraged. TIdings has been especially designed to be robust and quick during important news events including Budget Sessions, Elections and Calamities where traffic flow increases.

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