Email Solutions

For decades now Emailing has continued to remain the world's most popular means of communication. In today's Digital world this only increases the need for your brand to have a professional email ID to give it increased credibility. An ID along with added security, productivity tools, sufficient storage and easy navigation is imperative for the smooth functioning of every business.

Mailing Solutions GoaIDs with Intuitive Interfaces & Maximum Efficiency

We excel at creating smart email IDs at a budgeted price backed with Large Storage, inbuilt Virus Protection with 100% Uptime and Security. These come with responsive designs which can be accessed through all devices and include productivity apps such as Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

eProMail - 25GB Dedicated Mailboxes

Get dedicated emailbox spaces for your Corporate email addresses. These boxes are not linked to your webspace, hence are not exposed to Disk Full Errors typically associated to Webmail services.

G Suite - Google Apps for Work

Bring the power of Gmail to your organisation. With Cloud Storage, Collaborations with Colleagues, G Suite is apt for organisations that need mobility, data storage and powerful applications wherever they go.

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