Retailer Solutions

Retailers today, big and small, are increasingly shifting to digital software based inventory systems which can be operated with minimum effort, cost and error. Retail Management Softwares handle the back-end of Ecommerce by adapting an automated inventory management system which can be implemented in both single and multiple outlets. Our Retailer Solution is sophisticated, powerful and can be customised to specifically suit your business needs.

Introducing ForTIus Lite & Max

Our Retailer ERP solutions come in two forms - ForTIus Lite is ideal for single unit retailers while ForTIus Max has found success with multi-unit businesses.

Retail IT Solutions
Product Features for ForTIus

Our feature rich and scalable Retailer Software has been time tested and comes with a lifetime free warranty for bugs and errors. Besides, its other features includes an inbuilt Policy Manager to control refunds and discounts, periodic reports, compatibility with multiple external devices, POS Software and much more.

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